Love Letters from Past Clients

We are truly humbled to be able to do what we love and are so grateful for the beautiful and heartfelt testimonials from our clients.

Tented Wedding, deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA

Esty & Simon

"I really don’t even know where to begin with how fantastic Julie was at helping execute my dream wedding! We essentially had to build it from the ground up which meant that she coordinated with SO many vendors to keep everything together. There were so many times my mom and I would think of something to ask a specific vendor and when we contacted Julie, she was already several steps ahead of us! There is absolutely no way any of us could have enjoyed the wedding the way we did without Julie working tirelessly in the previous months and especially the weeks, days and hours leading up to the event (I’m talking like 18 hours per day)! She even helped me do a lightning fast change into my second dress just so I could get more dancing time! My advice to any bride is to trust that Julie’s above and beyond attention to detail will result in your wedding dreams coming true so you can sit back and soak up your magical day! Truly do not know how we could have done it without her!!"

Private Estate + Tented Wedding, Cape Cod, MA

Lia & Tucker

"If you think you can survive wedding planning without a wedding coordinator…think again and think Something Bleu Wedding & Event Planning. Julie is truly a professional in wedding planning and is highly experienced with “ground up” estate weddings. Her stellar interpersonal and leadership skills helped communicating between vendors with different styles appear seamless. This created a cohesive vendor team the day of the wedding. Her knowledge regarding industry standards supported my vision which made it easy to approach her with changes and strategy. Julie ensured our vendor orders were flawless when they were missing essential items like chairs, ensured that I stayed on track with her tailored checklists before the big day, and advocated for my needs and wants when others were pushing for theirs.

She even suggested that we change our ceremony staging around to showcase a better view, which I did not regret! I say all this to boost her professional experience, which is well deserved, but Julie made a lasting impression on us as a person. Her calm demeanor during stress, her finesse in the way she asked questions and relayed changes, and her poise set her apart from others in the business. We would highly recommend Julie of Something Bleu Wedding & Event Planning to any couple who is looking for 5 Star guidance and support during their wedding planning."

Boston Park Plaza, Boston, MA

Julia & Kyle

"Julie is absolutely amazing!! Our wedding day was perfect in every way because of Julie, and we are so grateful for her. Julie is such a pleasure to work with, she is kind, extremely organized, and her attention to detail is unmatched. We started working with Julie at the beginning of the planning process, and we were immediately relieved of any stress. Julie truly cares about the couples she works with, and she worked so hard to make sure our wedding dreams became a reality. Throughout the year of planning, Julie stayed in constant contact with us and our other vendors to make sure everything was on track. She made herself readily available and came to every vendor meeting, answered emails and texts immediately, and lent her amazing design eye at every step. During the final months before the wedding, Julie's magic really shined as she developed an extremely detailed timeline of the wedding day and made sure all of our vendors knew the exact plan. When it came time for the big day, we didn't worry or think about logistics at all, because we knew Julie had it covered. When we walked into the ceremony and reception spaces for the first time, we both gasped at how beautifully everything was put together. We are so thankful we worked with Julie. She made it possible for us to really sit back and enjoy the planning process, and most importantly, enjoy our wedding day with no worries. We highly highly recommend Julie for all of your wedding planning, design and coordination needs. She is a miracle worker!!"

UMASS Club, Boston, MA

Molly & John

"We absolutely loved working with Julie! She is so warm and friendly and we would have been lost without her! We decided to have our wedding about 10 weeks before our date and from the minute we found Julie it was evident we needed her help! Julie was willing to help with anything we needed and she was a wonderful person to bounce off ideas. Her organization made our day seamless and we never needed to think of anything. Julie is incredibly organized and is a great communicator. We were able to have a wonderful day because Julie had everything under control. We would have been lost without Julie and we would highly recommend couples to work with her."

Boston Harbor Hotel, Boston, MA

Mary & Vas

"When we first booked our wedding venue and learned it came with an on-site event coordinator, we thought we wouldn't need to hire a separate planner. Then the reality of wedding planning hit us - it's a lot of sending emails, managing vendor communications, and strategic timeline building. None of this was work our on-site coordinator was contracted to help with, and it started to become overwhelming, especially as we planned our wedding from out-of-state and dealing with covid. The best decision we made was to book Julie of Something Bleu to essentially 'project manage' the two months leading up to our wedding and be there to support us on the day-of. Knowing she was there to answer questions, create our schedule, and guide us through the decision making process took so much pressure off the final months leading up to the big day. And on the day-of, she was the one who made every detail, big and small, run smoothly. It really was thanks to Julie that my fiancé, our families and I were able to relax and enjoy the day. I can't recommend her enough!"

The Newbury, Boston, MA

Kathleen & Harrison

"We had the pleasure of working with Julie Riley at Something Bleu for our December 2022 wedding at The Newbury and we truly cannot recommend Julie enough. Any couple reading this should immediately reach out to Julie to see if she’s available for your wedding—she is just that great! Julie is super experienced, has tremendous industry knowledge, and was fantastic at every step of our planning process: from sourcing vendors and attending vendor meetings with us, to guiding us through food and beverage selections, to the aesthetics design of our ceremony and reception, to working with the venue at every step of the way, and much, much more. On the day of our wedding, Julie and her assistant Mallory were absolutely incredible. They attended to everything--from the big tasks, like vendor load-ins and set-up, to the tiny details, like holding my lip gloss or grabbing waters for the bridal party during photos--in a way that allowed us (and our families and bridal party) to relax and enjoy the day with no stress. Aside from being superbly competent and skilled at her job, Julie is also a caring person who we genuinely enjoyed getting to know over the past several months! Julie has a great sense of humor and was also a calming force for us during the planning process. Perhaps the best testament to how impressed we were with Julie is the fact that, after hearing us rave about our experience with Julie over the past year, my sister and her fiancé decided to hire Julie for their upcoming fall wedding! We're looking forward to seeing Julie put together yet another beautiful event and are so happy we found her!"

The Villa, East Bridgewater, MA

Stephanie & Bryan

"After we had our first meeting with Julie, we knew that she would be the right fit for us, and we are glad to say that hiring Julie was the best decision we made. Her knowledge and experience were a big help in choosing our vendors, and her organizational skill is outstanding. She’s a professional who’ll help guide you and your partner through the whole process so you’ll feel at ease, and above all, she is a very understanding and nice person. When we were in the process of planning our wedding, my dad got diagnosed with cancer and he got extremely ill. I had to work and take care of all my dad’s medical paperwork, and also take him to all his doctor’s appointments. I was really close to my Dad, and It was really stressful since he lived in CO while we live in NH. We had to commute every other week, and I would sometimes stay there for weeks before I come back to NH, only to hear from the Doctor again. A couple months before our wedding, my dad passed away–It was such a physically and emotionally draining moment for my family, my partner and myself. The wedding was the last thing on our mind, but luckily we had Julie. She was on top with all the wedding details and planning, so that when we got back to focus on our wedding, it wasn’t overwhelming. She handled everything expertly from talking with the vendors, sorting out meetings, and making sure all the details was to the way we wanted it be. On our wedding day, Julie worked with all the vendors from the beginning to the end, and made sure everything flowed seamlessly. She made sure that our guests were taken care of, and for us to enjoy the wedding. There are no words to describe how amazing Julie is, she literally went above and beyond, and made sure that we had a wonderful wedding! She’s someone you definitely want to have on your corner when tackling all your wedding problems, while keeping you grounded. Can’t recommend her enough!!"

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club, Brewster, MA

Allison & Mike

"It's hard to put into words how grateful we are to have worked with Julie. In the beginning of the wedding process, we were overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin. From the first day we met Julie, the wedding planning got a whole lot easier. From the first day working with Julie, to our wedding day, we felt as if we were the only wedding she was planning. That's how personal, and organized Julie is. We always say "the best decision we ever made was hiring Julie". Not only is she kind and patient but the relationships she has with vendors are priceless. There were more wedding's this year than ever before and it felt nearly impossible to find vendors who we loved AND had our available date. Julie made sure we had all the necessary information to move quickly, and a list of other vendors as a backup. Julie's communication skills and attention to detail are immeasurable. Her weekly emails helped us stay organized, and on top of necessary payments, updates on budgeting, where we could splurge a bit, where we could save etc. If I could hire Julie to run my day to day life, I would lol We did not have the easiest time with our wedding venue in terms of their process or communication. Julie advocated for us, dug into the details, asked the hard questions, had some difficult conversations and assured us that no matter what, it would run smoothly. Our wedding day could not have gone better. Julie and her team were absolute rockstars. We are forever grateful for Julie!"

Wequassett Resort & Golf Club, Harwich, MA

A & J

"Let me start by saying I had no original intention of using a wedding planner. I'm type A and love to plan events. When you start planning a wedding, reality sets in. There are SO many details and vendors and guests to keep track of that you can't even imagine until the time comes. Julie of Something Bleu was the glue that put everything together. She reviewed all the contracts my vendors sent me and helped me communicate with them as well as with the coordinator at the venue.
The day of your wedding goes by so fast. There simply aren't enough hours in a day to coordinate everyone, set up the decorations, field phone calls and any last minute problems, get ready and enjoy yourself.    
My wedding day was perfect and I truly feel it wouldn't have been the same without Julie. She communicated with me and my husband going back and forth as we were getting ready separately. The coordinator at the venue is simply in charge of the details at the venue. Julie made sure everyone was on the same page and that everything was just how I wanted it. Her help was invaluable! My husband and I HIGHLY recommend her!!"

Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, VT

Ashley & Samuel

"Julie was absolutely amazing in orchestrating our dream wedding in Vermont. Despite the challenge of planning from across the country, she was with us every step of the way for over a year. Her expertise shone through in managing deadlines, coordinating with vendors, and ensuring every detail was perfect. Her ability to understand and execute our vision while providing invaluable guidance and support made our special day seamless and stress-free. We were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with her!"

The Steven’s Estate, N. Andover, MA

Meg & Brett

"Julie is extremely talented, patient, and was invaluable on our wedding day. Everything was taken care of, we never needed to worry and everything turned out perfect. Julie also recommended many of the professionals we used as vendors and they exceeded our expectations as well. We highly recommend her for all of your wedding and event needs."

UMASS Club, Boston, MA

Lynne & Ericka

"It feels impossible to write a review for Julie that can adequately describe our gratitude for her. The best way to characterize her role would be to call her the conductor of our wedding. She guided us through the 18+ month process with expertise and professionalism, but also with creativity, flexibility and warmth. As is likely true for most people planning their weddings, a lot of “life stuff” happened in the months between booking venue and the big day. Julie helped us prioritize urgent vs non-urgent tasks and allowed us to direct our energy towards only the most critical things when it was in short supply. When our lives slowed down, she was there to chat with us for hours about our vision and always had great ideas on how to bring it to life. I addition to her personal skills, Julie’s relationships with other vendors were critical for us. She found our DJ, photographer and florist (among other vendors), all of whom were incredibly talented and within our budget. I don't think that it would be a stretch to say that she assembled a Dream Team. This is not something that we thought a lot about when starting to plan, but by the wedding day it was clearly a very critical component for success. We should say that our wedding was literally perfect in every way, in large part because Julie orchestrated the event with grace and skill. By the end of the process, she felt more like a friend than a vendor. Were we to do it all again, Julie would be our first call!! We feel so lucky to have found her and would recommend her to every couple looking for a planner."

Private Estate + Tented Wedding, Duxbury, MA

Laney & Chris

Blithewold Mansion, Bristol, RI

Rachel & Justin

"Wedding planning is a remarkably complicated management task. It requires a wide range of skills -- attention to detail, vendor and stakeholder management, financial planning, and a keen design sense. Julie has these in spades. If you are planning a wedding in New England we highly recommend Julie. She was simply a pleasure to work with. Our wedding was amazing – it was fun and beautiful and low-stress. It was exactly what we wanted and exactly what we envisioned. Julie pulled it off beautifully and working with her for months through the process was a whole lot of fun. We are so glad we found Julie – she is a pro and a pleasure to work with. Julie was always available to work with us on our schedule. She made time on nights and weekends. She would always take our calls or answer our texts. Somehow, despite her busy schedule, she made us feel as though we we were her only clients. 

There are three stages to wedding planning – the design/planning stage, the home stretch, and the actual wedding day. Julie was brilliant in all three stages. Here’s why: 

I. The Planning Stage We were immediately struck by Julie’s attention to detail, her range of connections in the industry and her knowledge of the process. Julie knew the questions to ask us so that she could help us design and plan the perfect wedding. Julie was able to connect us to a range of wonderful vendors that fit our style, vision, and budget. She sat on every call, knew what questions to ask the vendors (and what questions to ask us) and went through every contract we signed. I am a lawyer and I was incredibly impressed with Julie’s ability to drill down on key contract terms and ask the right questions of each vendor. Her organizational spreadsheet was incredible. It kept us on task and on budget. We probably needed more management than most, and Julie managed us beautifully. Julie is much more than an organizational powerhouse. We thought she was an excellent designer. She did a beautiful job with our mood board and had so many fun design ideas that we would never have thought of ourselves. She was indispensable in helping pick our table design and florals. She has loads of experience and design sense. It shows. 

II. The Final Stretch Julie really shined down the stretch. When vendors were being difficult she just handled them. She worked with us and all our vendors to create the perfect timeline so that everything would go exactly according to plan (it did). She coordinated with everyone. She made what could have been a stressful time a lot of fun. 

III. The Wedding Day The wedding day went perfectly, in large part due to Julie. She coordinated everything and did all the behind the scenes work so our day was stress free and perfect. Because of Julie’s hard work there were no surprises. There was nothing to stress about."

PrimRose Floral & Event Design

Grace Payne

"As a florist whose been in the industry for almost 10 years I have worked with tons of planners and Julie is hands down the BEST around! If you are looking for a planner who prides herself in giving impeccable customer service, undivided attention, has an amazing eye for design and makes you feel so important the day of your wedding whilst navigating and directing all your vendors, Julie is your girl!

She makes planning & event coordinating look effortless, is so personable, professional and is truly someone you want in your corner throughout the planning process and day of!
I have personally worked with Julie on some of my biggest and most beautiful weddings and can not recommend her enough! As a vendor, it can be difficult finding planners who work really well and coordinates with all vendors. Julie makes sure that everyone has any and all information needed to make your wedding day run smoothly. She's a GEM and you need to hire her now because she books up quickly!!"

Chatham Bars Inn Cape Cod, MA

Emilie & Jack

"Julie was absolutely amazing to work with! She really helped our dream wedding become a reality. She had our utmost trust throughout the whole process, made our lives easier, and met us where we were with our busy schedules. She has an impressive network that provided us with incredible luxury vendors along with some perfect vendors we hadn't considered. She is so patient, so kind and so talented at her work--she really made us feel like we were the only wedding in her life. Her organizational skills are unparalleled, and she kept her eye on everything from deadlines to finances throughout the whole process without being overbearing or under-focused. Leading up to the wedding she boosted our confidence with her professionalism and planning, it made our lives so much easier knowing we had her for the big day. The day of went without hitch because of Julie and her team. Everything was on time without being rushed, and she created an environment where we could be present with all of our loved ones without thinking about any logistics. She worked with all the vendors beautifully, and got the best out of them with our budget. Julie really was special. For a full year she was so responsive, supporting, relaxed and insightful--we really couldn't have done it without her and are so grateful all her help. Please choose her as your planner, she's simply the best!"

The Newbury, Boston, MA

Ariel & Nephrae

"Words are insufficient to describe how impressed and appreciative we are of the truly exceptional job Julie Riley did as our two-month planner and day-of coordinator. After months of handling the planning myself, with much frustration and disappointment, it was hard to believe that anyone would come in and pull everything together. I was so glad to be proven wrong. From our first meeting to begin the two-month coverage, I could see how organized, knowledgeable, and experienced Julie was. She quickly not only gained, but truly earned my trust, showing she would go above and beyond in ensuring we had the very best experience possible. All tasks were handled quickly and expertly, and always to my wishes. Not only was the work done well and right, but with a level of thoughtfulness that made me feel like I was her only client, though I knew she had many others to juggle. When it was time for the wedding, Julie handled every aspect of the day with poise, dedication, and expertise. She seemed to be in all places at once, making sure everything ran smoothly despite the many obstacles thrown at her. She not only did her own part, but fixed mistakes on the part of others which would otherwise have been disastrous. Without a doubt, she was the hero of the day, and made sure the wedding was not just wonderful for us, but for all our guests. I could not recommend Julie more highly or have better things to say about her, both as a person and a professional. My only regret is not hiring her sooner!"

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