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Why should I hire a wedding planner to plan my New England wedding?

Many newly engaged couples are probably thinking about how they are going to manage planning their wedding on top of their normal jobs and hobbies/activities. Many couples will wrestle with the idea of hiring a wedding planner to either help with fully planning the wedding, planning part of it or just
executing it at the end.

Questions like “why should I hire a wedding planner?”, “aren’t wedding planners expensive and only for those with unlimited budgets?”, and “how am I going to find the time to plan the wedding the way I want it?” will probably start to creep in your mind at some point during the wedding planning process.

The truth is an experienced wedding planner doesn’t have to be for only those with an unlimited budget. Many wedding planners (not all) have different wedding planning packages and different price points to assist in planning your special day. Some wedding planners are considered full service planners and they only do full wedding planning. An experienced wedding planner has key insights into the wedding industry, knows current trends, has a solid repertoire of trusted vendor recommendations, and can actually
help save you money. Yes, that is correct a good wedding planner can help you save money on your wedding planning needs! A wedding planner can also help you stay on track and manage your wedding budget which in turn saves you money so you don’t go over your wedding budget.

A wedding planner will also save you time, and let’s face it- the old saying of “time is money” is true. Most couples have busy lives and aren’t able to devote 200 + hours to planning your wedding on top of all of your normal responsibilities. Example- if you know you want to spend $5,000 on a photographer but have no idea which photographers will be in that ballpark that could take you hours upon hours of research to find a photographer in that budget who matches your style, who might or might not be
available on your wedding date. Having a wedding planner on your side will eliminate that research time and can deliver you a hand-picked and trusted list of photographers in your budget and style that are available on your wedding date for you to select from.

Wedding planners are experienced with negotiating with other vendors to get you the best price for the services and how to prioritize your wedding budget for the areas of your wedding that are most important to you as a couple. Your wedding planner may also be able to get you certain vendor discounts that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own.

Most couples do not have an unlimited budget to spend on their New England wedding and weddings here in New England can be expensive. Your wedding planner will be able to help you narrow down your priorities, and help you cut costs as needed so you can to stick to your budget while also empowering you to have the wedding of your dreams that tells your unique love story as a couple!

A wedding planner is experienced at bringing your vision to life. You may have amazing ideas, but not know how to cohesively tie them altogether so they make sense; this is a huge area your planner can help with. Full execution of your ideas brought to life from start to finish!

Lean on your wedding planners experience and insights to help you plan, design, and execute the wedding day of your dreams! Be sure to trust your wedding planner and make sure their personality and experience match what you are looking for.

Extra Tip! Have an upfront and open conversation at the beginning of the process with your planner about expectations around communication during the wedding planning process. If honesty and expectations are set from the start, this will make for a much more enjoyable wedding planning process for everyone involved.


Something Bleu


Published on

March 4, 2021

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